Hello! My name is Amelia. I am currently in between careers, jobs, emotional states, personalities and a set of decisions.  A long long time ago I was passionate about the big questions of  the universe. I decided that I would become a great Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist by the grand old age of 26. This may come as a shock, but that didn’t happen! I did, however, end up majoring in astrophysics and mathematics, which completely consumed my time and I never did a bunch of other things I wanted to do like travel abroad, or learn Japanese, or major in at least 5 more subjects.  After college I didn’t pursue physics at all! Life happened and more pressing, but smaller, questions came up.

Even on the biological level life is not like a river, but like a tree. It does not move towards unity but away from it and the creatures grow further apart as they increase in perfection. Good, as it ripens, becomes continually more different not only from evil, but from other good. The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis.

My time since then has been filled with some polar opposite jobs, things that had me wanting to live life outside of academia and seek a more pretentious-free salt of the earth experience. After more years than I care to admit (and will soon start lying about), I discovered that what I really love is stories! Life, people, philosophy, religions, cultures, all of it fascinates me, though I still hold high respect for what is possible through science. I believe the best thing I can do is be useful through the talents I was given. My current aims are three-fold: environmental engineering, visual development artistry, and travel, and while I am working at them, I still haven’t quite set out far enough to explore it all. Enter personal self-deprecating, gripe-filled, life-hopeful, lesson-learning, profound-thought blog and website that will one day become a travel-filled, project-full, profound-thought, advice-giving, gallery-brimming internet mecca!


Welcome! Tell me about your journey!