Note To Self #13

The point is to do what can be done. 

Stop living in the shadows of what was not done. 


Note To Self #12

Put yourself first. Put your ideas first. 

Do what you need to do for yourself before you are pulled into the world that involves others. 

Do the work that will achieve your goals, then deal with everyone else’s requests and/or drama. 

Don’t blindly follow anyone’s ideas about how you should live, no matter how close they are to you. No matter how sound the advice, your inner self must stretch and screw up on its own terms. 

Note to Self #11

Quit being ashamed of yourself! Go out with people and have fun!

At this point, you’ve wittled away the friends that are judgmental and narrow about life’s paths. The friends you’ve got want to see you, you really like them, so bloody hell, just go to dinners and get out of the house because you’ll end up having so much fun. :)

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Note To Self #9

Be less rigid when it comes to making plans and creating self-appointed deadlines. Don’t worry about self-appointed deadlines, worry about consistency.

The only deadline that you know needs to be met is that you need to build your daily momentum before 10am, otherwise it all just feels downhill after that, no matter what you do.

Note to Self #7

Do not over share. 

Find your own voice and try to listen to it. 

Save some expression for yourself. 

You have no obligation anywhere. Don’t make that mistake again. 

Don’t create feelings through conversations and lose yourself in them. Find your own and pay attention if there aren’t any there, but try not to get too detached from the world of emotion. 

Don’t cling to anything but yourself. Think about yourself! You keep forgetting that! You! Not him!


Listen to a lot of Rachmaninov. 

Note To Self #5

Listen to music before sleeping. In the moonlight, crawl all the way under the covers into your safe space. Put on headphones so the sound envelops you completely. Every regret, doubt, and sense of age will cease to exist. You will sleep hopeful, happy, and you will dream like a teenager in summer. 

Don’t keep forgetting. You love this. It’s magic.